Wednesday, July 27, 2011

. happy birthday, julia! .

. isn't she cute? ;D .

happi birthday to the sweet and lovely julia!! yes, blog today is her birthday. i wish all the best for her. i wish she is going to be a great make up artist one day! i haven't really meet her in these few months. i miss her, yes. i hope she forgive me along with all my friends that asked me out. life getting busier and busier. need to finished lot of stuff. be it personal project or from work place. i think after august it will became better *finger crossed. that's the time to ring all of them and go out for fun! i am still not sure if i can attend her bday dinner today :( we used to celebrate our bday together but i am out this year. i am not celebrating my bday this year. yes, drama... so be it! okay, so once again happy birthday my pretty little friend, julia! :D love you, big hug and smooooch! little girl who loves owl and lady bugs ;p. pardon me for not having time to grab a present for her :( am such a bad bad friend.
. am sorry for the lack of colors as i don't have much colors with me and the not so great sketch.. i am trying to make it like an owl. happy birthday, jul! .

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Kristin H said...

Cute photos, have a good day!