Thursday, July 14, 2011

. goosebumps .

okay, blog. before i start my busy busy day! i would like to say. I AM SO EXCITED!!! IT ALL ENDS TONIGHT! *woooohooooo weeeeheeee. allow me to please be thrilled by what would happened tonight. as i was googling all the pictures, i feel nervous each time and i feel overwhelm by the fact that IT ALL ENDS TONIGHT.

behold.. my friend

. am having goosebumps .


Mei めい said...

i can't watch it in cinema :(

Gizela Limantara said...

hey, how was the movie presentation?
does it really exciting?
i'm still waiting for it to be play in my country..
and always curious!!

. happisis . said...

yes yes yes, it is excited! oh very much! everyone in the cinema clapping hands after the show ;D it is still magical! but still i feel sad coz i will miss harry and the rest :( you shall watch it as soon as it screen in your country!! :D