Wednesday, July 13, 2011

. coffee can coffee .

aaaah! so dead meat! i am sweeeeepppy!!!! (re: sleepy) i am tired, i am worn out i am DEAD! i am stress and i am happisis! well, okay blog i don't know what am talking about. my friend just declare that i am a weirdo! yay! i love being weird. today i brought one of my nutcracker prince here to place on my office table. yes, i need a nutcracker prince to guard me ;p.

blog, am so excited! finally i drank coffee from a can. i don't know why but i feel it is interesting ;p and the coffee is tastier. i even dreamt about it. bought it from the coffee shop near office. i need coffee to power my eyes up! okay okay. enough mumbling. back to work! and weeeeheeeeeee yo! HARRY POTTER TOMORROW! with shaun and mega ;D.

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