Friday, July 15, 2011

. clap clap .

so, yeah! IT HAS ALL ENDED in one night. *clap clap clap lots of claps heard inside the cinema after it has all ended. it is indeed brilliant and breath taking. i wish for more magic.. oh wait, magic never ends ;). potter will be remained in our heart and life! yes. wooohooo let's go back to the sorcerer's stone!

another magic happened, yay! i got my marron cream!! marron cream lives in Paris, France. she is cheerful and optimistic, she is good at making crafts and baking sweets. i always love this pink rabbit since i was a little kid but i never know what is her name -.-" it sounds silly but i really happi. there is something about this vending machine. i used to play it whenever i feel unhappy! it would boost my spirit. hahaha *sounds so kiddish. but yep! thanks for the lucky shaun hand! now i have my marron cream. ;D

*SHAUN THE AWESOME ST! *let's pretend today is april fool

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