Monday, July 11, 2011

. beautiful lies .

if only i had beautiful lies but no, i was so unlucky that i had ugly lies. i had tiring weekend again. i must stop and focus on other stuff. starting from today. time for me to just stay at home. overcome that fear to be at home! such a waste.. my lovely little room. i have abandoned it for stupid reason. so yeah, i watched beautiful lies during my weekend. its a french movie. aah, don't you just love french? i do love french. i wish to learn that beautiful language. i would really recommend this movie. it is just so entertaining to watch and yes, of course audrey tautou. love her :)

one more thing which is TA-DA!! i collected my lion king ticket with my lil sister yesterday. i couldn't wait til the day :D i want to watch that show now if i can! sounds pity and sad but i am going there alone on my day :) when friends hear me saying am going alone they all gave me the same reaction. and i love that kind of reaction. it will be fun. yes, it will.

my friend let me play a game. i just need to trust him he said, so i need to close my eyes and he'll lead the way. i did that. i walked with eyes closed. he was surprised. i did it for quite long. i surprised myself as well. i feel scared when i closed my eyes and walk. is there any hole infront or may be cars? or am i going to trip down or is there anybody staring at me and looking at me funnily? lots of questions popped out. but i told myself i have to overcome the fear.. i just need to trust my friend and walk forward. just walk i will be alright. this is silly but i think i learnt something from this. i can do it. i think i can. i might be angry with a lot of things. with lots of the silly ugly facts, betrayal, lies, ugliness. but i slowly get through this.

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