Friday, June 17, 2011

. work me love .

hiya, blog. how are you? i am okay today. feeling better. loving my new job, colleagues, and company. i am happy learning to be more independent here. yes, i am back to the sisca who always only depend on herself. for i am the only graphic designer here. yes, i feel the pressure when i first started. because i am a newbie, not confident enough to let people trust me, not enough experience and all. this is my first design work after years of waiting and fighting. i tend to speak to my ownself... what to do and how to do. yes, because i am the only one who can help myself. my boss is nice enough to let me learn and for me, i love to work fast and ask for more. but he always asked me to slow down :(. i just wanted to show them that they hire a capable person. since i am here, i am part of the family and i just want to give my best to the family. i feel bad and confuse sometimes. i love to work. i love to be given lots of works to do so i can grow more and i can learn more. especially i can forget more. i love to stay up til late at the office. doing stuff, doodling, tweaking. yes, stay here i feel good and also i am really looking forward to the day i move to the other block. where all the cg artist are. being an animator and learn from them. :) *finger crossed.

recently, i feel like watching alfred hitchcock movies.

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