Sunday, June 19, 2011

. talking craps .

heya, blog! how are you again? :) i wish you best. i am like usual okay and good. went out with my sister's friend just to look for the cheaper opi that i saw yesterday and also hang out with pauz at esplanade after that. i feel peaceful whenever i go there. nice place to calm my own self. hehehe.

i haven't told you yet. recently, i feel proud of myself ;p a little. i have told you how i love my new job. i feel happy coz for the first time i have my own meeting ahhaha to talk about prints. i feel happy. ;p i also am trying to learn about premier and after effects. wow! those tutorials superb! i think one of this day i'll go back to the office just to learn the tutorial. :) i love my working place! cozy! okay then... a lil spot light for myself.

*pssst... i still fall in love with the pumps. ;p and today the other heels. ahhh~

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