Tuesday, June 14, 2011

. pouch ouch .

oooh blister blister on my feet. you guys are so naughty. i rather bought that charles and keith pumps with me home than the flats that hurt my feet. humph! and okay, i promise myself not to taking cab to the office or somewhere so i can save up those cab money and buy something else! this morning i did it again! i took cab to the office and found out noone is here *sob i can get muji pen with that money. okay, it's not about money but i really need to learn how to control myself. so i can fullfil my dream travelling around the world. if i can't stop me from taking cab. how can i stop myself to spend something big. lols. the reason why i was doing so, because i am the most stupid person. i am going to run this evening after work. i have to. i couldn't find my nike iphone pouch. i search and search around and at the end i texted my lil sis. she told me i left it in my hometown when i went back. *dang that was why i couldn't find that thing. i also couldn't find my sport bag. and i couldn't find my one set running attire. yes, i am very hard to please. everything have to be like what i wanted. lols. okay, that's my fun morning!

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