Thursday, June 23, 2011

. poppin .

okay! so, the busy-ness is coming! like, REALLY! lots of work to do at work. which is JOY! yes, stressful indeed and tiring indeed! but from what i sniff now, i am going to learn alot and face alot of new challenge in the future! so pumped up already. i will give the best for the company. i am going back on the weekend one of this weeK!

blog, i had FUN today! i just came back from office with sweat. yeah, we went for BASKET BALL!! yay! can you imagine, hmmm it's been soooo long since the last time me touching and playing with the ball. let's be a man! ;p i am going to slowly train to shoot again!

i can feel papa will be happy when he heard that his daughter besides running now playing basket ball ;p. love and miss him!

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