Thursday, June 2, 2011

. jackpruut and mango .

blog blog, let me share something. while i am writing this, mangoes falling down and hit the roof of my office right on top of me and azal's room. ok, she is one of my colleague. we share a same room. let me tell you... i super love my window seat :) i can see trees outside. yes, JACKFRUIT AND MANGO trees!!! the view is nice. i love working on my table because of the window. sometimes i can see people picking up those mangoes that falls. wonder if that can be eaten yet. hmmm they are small. one of this day, i'll try to grab one and put it on my table. wait til it ripe. can mango became bigger if we put it on table? hummm i guess not. i have this idea just few days ago and realized how stupid i am. -.-" i'll take a picture later on and show you.

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