Sunday, June 5, 2011

. no perfection .

blog, i just finished sex and the city again! :) i didn't go for hangover today as what i planned yesterday. all of sudden i just miss carrie bradshaw. yes, i went to grab the dvd earlier and i got a plus devil wears prada. both my fave. well, of course sex and the city more drama and ugh those fab dress. love!

i cried when i was in the part where mr. big couldn't get out from the car and just left carrie in her vivienne westwood gown. that was the worst. then, when she gets so angry and hit big with flowers. yes, i can see how painful it is.

louise from the movie said. we shouldn't give up on love. yes, i was so naive just like her before i fall deep in love. but no, i give it all up. i don't want to even care or imagine about love at least not for now. may be i just don't deserve love from a man. :) move forward i keep on telling myself. if i don't love myself, who will? this world ain't a fairy tale.

i accomplished my task today. shop for fruits, almond and milk. yay! am going to start my healthy morning :)

Don't be afraid of perfection, you can never reach it - Salvator Dali.

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