Saturday, June 4, 2011

. i didn't got mail .

hey, blog. after working... me and mega fries some fish cake that she got for me from indo. her mom's made them. i should say, delicious! i feel like i've gain weight! but worth it. ;p we watched "you've got mail" while eating the fish cake. i've watched this movie for countless time. there's something about the movie that i love so much. i am not sure what and i don't know why. when i feel sad, happy or bored. i'll grab that movie and just watch it.

joe fox just reminds me of someone. i suppose i'll be the kathleen kelly. ;p i love daisy white daisy. i just need to wait for my joe fox to bring me those friendly flowers. (*enough for the imagination -.-" it won't happen. they only happened in the movie)

tonight, this particular conversation catch my ears

Nelson Fox: I just have to meet someone new, that's all. That's the easy part.
Joe Fox: Oh right, yeah, a snap to find the one single person in the world who fills your heart with joy.
Nelson Fox: Well, don't be ridiculous. Have I ever been with anyone who fit that description? Have you?

well, of course joe fox did! he just hasn't realized it that's all.

Why does this particular conversation catch my ears because yes, i found someone that fit that description. he is rude, arrogant, a bastard, an asshole (mind my language) egoist, super duper not a gentlemen.

enough for the drama, enough for the mr. darcy and elizabeth bennet. love doesn't exist in everybody's life. yes, blog. it doesn't. :)

ok, i feel so full! i think am going to exercise again on monday. tomorrow, shall i do a movie? after church and lunch? yeah, i was thinking hangover part2. something funny to boost my day! hmmm and the charles and keith pump that i've been eyeing for months. discount please!

*pray for jul's uncle that everything will be alright.

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