Friday, June 3, 2011

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hey, blog! finally i have updated one of our company's website and it's online now. yes, i haven't done much for the design. only editing here and there. adding stuff. seems simple and easy but for me it wasn't that simple. for it is my first time doing this sort of stuff.

you know how i seems like pushing my friends away. yes, i rather spent my time alone or with one or two of them. my movies buddy and my dinner buddy. since i came back here i haven't meet mike, jz and allex yet. yeah, they were my play mate before i started my job. :) seems like everyone is busy fighting for the future! which is nice. no more playing. so, yeah alvin is my dinner buddy recently. i hope bev won't mind ;p. sometimes, i just don't like to eat alone. i was supposed to eat dinner with alvin but he has something up suddenly yeah, david asked him and sacha out. bleah... and i ended up having dinner with them. it was good to finally met sacha again!

he was and still is one of my fave lecturer back then. he is a good lecturer. i wish him well for the job hunting! :) he should come here to the company that i am working now :p. oh yeah! and i ended up watching xmen with them. it seems like this season is super hero season. which is hmmm i don't really interested on them. ehhehe. but xmen was good and entertaining. haha and from few of them i like magnito and beast! aww and i like wolverine as well he looks so dangerous.

blog, have i told you that i was planning to go for van gogh at mbs with mike, jz and allex. yes, but it is not happening not til now :( and i heard from sacha and i went to my bestie google, found out yes, they also exhibit salvador dali's. oh, yes again that i saw dali's work somewhere in singapore before. i still remember i first knew dali when i first start my design class. am so going to visit mbs anytime soon!

funny that i just posted about chupa chups and you know, dali is the one who design chupa chups logo in 1969.

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