Sunday, June 12, 2011

. entertaining movie .

wooohooo! i had a nice afternoon til evening. yes, blog. i had a nice time today. watching super8! well, i was planning to watch hangover earlier. i knew super8 from shaun and he was wanting to watch it on imax. so i suppose it might be good. steven spielberg is the producer, it must be nice! aaahh! how i can even forget it. it is a jj.abrams movie! fringe!!! hello? i am so careless. that was why when i saw the poster. it was like. hmmm... this name seems so familiar. up until steven told me about it. coz he is a fans of fringe as well. i should say... i like the movie. it is interesting and fun. entertaining movie. kid adventure and all. it gives the old back to the future feeling. the kids, oh yes... i love the kids and also the creature. yes, this movie is just beautiful! i feel like a kid while i am watching it. lols. ok am not good at explaining stuff and give review. i am bad. but for me this movie is entertaining.

yeah! i am back with athos, prothos, aramis and d'artagnam! :) so far, i love it!

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