Monday, May 16, 2011

. woosh .

blog blog... it is painful for someone you love to said mean thing about you. but all for our own good no? huff... okay, move on. be it so :) i don't want to be that weird crazy girl. i do mean it this time. this few days being with my momma and pop and also my grandmama makes me feel so so so happy! thanks God to bring me my parents and my sisters. i told my mom " ma, i am grateful that i had two sisters" i really do mean it. only three of us here at home so quiet.

lots of things happening those one week. happy, sad, even shocking! geezz!!! really! welcome to my hometown. where lots of scenes happening. lols. i saw 3 shocking scenes.

anyway, i had fun! went to run, lake toba, driving again!, eat lots of food, meeting my grandmama, sleep together with her holding hand. hahaha. that was fun!

here you go blog, pictures!

. doddling while studying .

. the yummiest curry! .
. old text book .

yeap! we are going to lake toba! but before that, we are going to visit my lovely dearest grandmama ;) on our way, i watched korean drama lols! i love that guy on the screen hahaha

we reached grandmama home, i feel sad. my grandpapa isn't here anymore :(

. some dolls from my grandmama's room .

because of the last minute going to lake toba, the hotel room is full! huff, but this room is not too bad! :)

. my dad woke me up just to watch this view, he says " wake up! or the scenery is going to sleep soon" i don't understand that and i just woke up.

. funny my dad and my grandmama have the same pose .

here you go this is lake toba, blog.

. lols! i saw this very interesting object! GUR CI sunglasses tag ;p .

. people selling fruits .
. isn't village life nice? :) .

. the fisherman ready to catch those fishes, my dad stop the car and bring me down to look at them closer.

. people in the village dry fishes .

on our way home we drop at few places where we can find wild monkeys hanging on the trees, standing on the road side.

. monkey monkey! we gave banana to those monkeys! excited! .
. don't laugh at me but i found it interesting with nowadays technology the camera is attached on the back of the car, it shows grid like some sort of perspective when you change it to reverse mode the camera is on.

after we reached medan (my hometown) my dad get our car to the auto car wash woohooo i always love it.
. yes, i love auto car washing. i feel like i am inside a giant washing machine .
. i mistook that white thingy as rubbish hanging on the tress but those actually birds, pretty birds .
. am so in love with my dad's dr. m i told him and he strike a pose .
. rujak .
. sate padang.

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