Sunday, May 1, 2011

. week not end .

congrats! prince william and princess kate :) you two such an adorable couple. so yeah! my boring craps again ;p guess noone will bother to read this haha! i spent my friday night with 3 little kids; my youngest sister, her friend jennifer and christine. but i had fun! i prepared the food (yeah! my only yum yum dishes haha stuffed tofu and kind of tempura vegetable, indonesian style. my lil sist love it and that is the only way to make her eat vegetables haha!), the dessert, and we played xbox! we dance and dance until we worn out. haha.. that was fun and fun.

i just came back from orchard with friends. went there for dinner and we supposed to have a movie after that but we didn't. hummm i wish to watch arthur. may be i shall do that tomorrow. i need something stupid and funny like that movie to be my boost! if everything goes out as i planned today, i'll be able to catch the movie even alone ;p

hey hey hey pray to God! :) that the pass going well. so, i shall quit my slacking day. i am bored from slacks. i need work, i need work and i need work. i need the feeling of working and learning and stay up til late night for work again. i need those and i love those more than anything right now. :)

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