Tuesday, May 31, 2011

. schizophrenic .

ha! just weeks ago. a person says i changed my face like a schizophrenic. it hurts me badly! but now i don't mind. because of mcqueen quote "i'm a romantic schizophrenic". i know it is not related but i don't care. lols. am so wanting to see the real savage beauty exhibition. if only i am a schizophrenic in a creative way!

humm he really is such a genius. fall in love with mcqueen since few years ago. when i first watched his sarabande fashion show on my podcast thru the fashion tv. he was the one who makes me want to know more and more about fashion. how fashion is really beautiful and not just about a piece of cloth, not less precious than da vinci or picasso works or decades of treasure that buried deep inside the earth. up until now i still couldn't believe that he die. i'll work hard til' i could own my very own mcqueen piece :)

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