Tuesday, May 31, 2011

. no rumbly in my tumbly .

hiaaaaaaa!!!! blog! i just finished my work. got to tell you. today work drives me crazy. i almost bang my head on the comp or even the keyboard, eh. thanks to mega who help me! my prob almost solve. geez, really... but i do learn stuff. tomorrow will be tougher i need not to feel it but i am sure of it. hiya hiya!!! first time being a designer and know nothing about website. know nothing about those alien language. but sisca, you are not that bad,huh? you are able to survive til now. now now i need to deal with the short video for my beloved friend which has progress thanks! my life is just so wonderfully wonderful with lots of confussion. thanks to alvin, being my dinner buddy! i just dont want to eat alone tonight. that thai hor fun was too salty for me. what's wrong with today foods. my breakfast was salty and now my dinner. but i shall feel grateful no? :) i am riding bus home with full tum tum with jack johnson on my ears and musketeers still inside my bag. :p sorry dumas. i am tired of words today.

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