Wednesday, May 25, 2011

. お誕生日おめでとうございます, mega! .

happy mega birthday! yay! today is mega's birthday. one of my hard working and humble friend from 3dsense. her stuff are really nice! i wish her the best. >.< so she can stay here in singapore. *wish wish wish *finger crossed.

at last, after year(s) of waiting and fighting. i am going to bare a graphic designer title! yay!!! thanks Lord! You are really good. eversince i was graduated from raffles, i have been waiting for the day to see my occupation as a designer. awww!!! blog, i really do feel happy. eventho i am not feeling well, yet i still brought up all my energy, walk to my new office with big smile to greet my new boss and colleagues! that was real great! i don't wish to disappoint them i'll treat my job as my little baby girl and boy. yeah, they are twin ;p (out of topic lols)

ok, need to rest! for the marathon. if i still can make it :(


Anonymous said...

ありがとう!! this is mega \(^o^)/

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