Wednesday, May 11, 2011

. i'm coming home .

wohooo blog! i am back in my hometown. ugh! it's been year and over since i came back home. kids running with barefoot, the traffic jam, the not so clean places, the side road foods, hahaha. honestly i feel lonely without my sist here. only left my mom dad and me at home. hohoho. listening to my dad's guitar, my mom "singing" bleee just miss them all. i reached here yesterday morning, my dad brought me to view his dream house it still under construction. he shows me our little house and little room that still in process. it is still raw and dusty. then, my lovely make up artist friend nata brought me for lunch at tip top. it's an old place to eat. honestly, i went there when i was very little. i couldn't even remember what they serve. ugh! i didn't snap any picture of the food. but the menu and the uniform that they wore, so cute! just look like a porter. haha i love the uniform. so classy. if you allow me blog, i would like to share the place where i grow up.

. my lil via's salmon pasta before the flight, accompanied by ian wright on tlc .

. lil wood board crayoning at changi .

. woohooo .

. yahooo touch down .

. here i am .

. le airport .

. my dad in white the artist in black.

. this is going to be my little room .
. here is my mom and dad room .
. this is going to be the dining room and living room.

. dusty little house.

. menu so colorful, fun and old.

. tip top the porter uniform so cute .

. yeah! my fave snack stuffed tofu .

. my first sculpture my dad treasure it alot haha (sorry it looks weird) .

. musical nutcracker on top of the piano .

. our bedroom shared by 3 of us (i have 2 lovely younger sisters) .

. le toilet .
. mickey and minnie since i was a little .

. funny looking person on funny pajamas.

ps, i digged out my dad's old watches! ahhaha i asked for two of them. but he only gave me one. that's ok one is enough. hahaha my dad said i am greedy! ;p i also digged out my mom's clothes. love one vintage dress! sad sad my hip is too wide -.-" it stuck. lols!"

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