Monday, May 30, 2011

. if i am a nerd .

blog blog, am happy and i miss a person. yes, am happy. today was good. tomorrow am going to collect my pass :D. today is another challenging day for me. i so want to be a nerd with stack of books. books that normal people won't be able to understand. stay late til night reading those books with colorful highlighters blue, green, orange, pink, yellow. lots of scribble around all over the page, sticky notes. hua!!! let my imagination goes wild. i love that feeling. i feel useful and smart haha. :p anw, yes! i hope everyday similar to today. all going smooth and rough.

am so going to eat! yes, blog. eat alone. that's how am going to spend my days. my tummy is rebelling. nasi lemak here i come :D

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