Wednesday, May 18, 2011

. hum a little hum .

. popia party! beibeh! .

. don't blame me, my dad and mom requested it .

. flood yo .

. yeah! hermes palace! funneh! really! .

a friend bought me chicaron from the philippines. ugh! i love it. ahhaha i love everything about porky. lols, but the difference between chicaron that i get from dave and this is the fatty oil still there and i don't really like to eat that. but this one, the one below without fats. naice! i sneak this in to my room without my mom and dad knowing. lols and i ate them without anyone knowing as well! ahah! tell you, this is sinful and tasty but bad for your health -.-" i got choked. bad bad.

. have i ever tell you i love seafood so much? .

lots of laugh here at my house. mom and dad keep on doing stupid stuff. you know, blog. today my dad did a really stupid thing. he fool around with a sticky note, he stick it on his forehead and he forget to take it down. til on of his worker asked him "what is that on your forehead" o.O" dad dad... he is full of nonsense. but still he is the fierce one. huuuu

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