Sunday, May 29, 2011

. chickie-ness .

recently, my face feels rough and unhealthy. i need exercise, healthy food, water(which is i've been consuming plenty of them and i love my old starbucks water bottle, that is why), and fruits! hummm. i see pimple here and there. haiz...

anw, i just came back from the late night out again! yes, after yesterday. now again! yesterday was pirates of caribbean with shaun and stupid mike. here we are again! today was lil hard core! my very first horror movie with short "cover me eyes" yay! i sit thru the end of the movie. it was INSIDIOUS ugh, i have to admit. it was creepy, as in really. some scene still stuck in my mind. yay! my journey to conquer my "chicken-ness" almost there! am proud of myself. after that, for the refreshment we went for KUNGFU PANDA 2 i almost fall asleep. i think i love the first one better :) yeeheeey!

oh oh yeah! blog, you still remember the icon watch that i am dying for. hehehe. the love at the first sight watch! yes, that particular watch. i met up with julia, mel and agnes. yes and agnes has the black one. ugh, envy envy envy. quick quick for one month so i got my pay check and i can buy one! :)

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