Thursday, May 12, 2011

. telepathy .

blog, you know... i love my dad. sometimes i feel like i have two mommy. my dad always took care of us like a mom. but still he is a dad. somehow i have feeling he always know what's going on in my heart and mind. even without talking and we are miles away, whenever i felt sad and down, he suddenly called me just to said "are u okay?" i was surprised for few times. but that makes me feel safe and make me realized everything is going to be alright because i still have my awesome dad. i dont feel like being here in indonesia for too long. he will definietly realized that i have changed. it is hard for me to covered myself with a mask. indeed he caught me today when i am absolutely healthy and doing nothing, he suddenly asked me if everything is okay and nothing bad happened. that was too scary. i wish to spent my night together with my mom and dad in their room, watching dvds together and sleep with them but i couldnt do that. he'll know that i am not okay. it is hurt for me to be like this. i rather be i singapore than make them worry. he is my handsome, strong dad but now that i see him, i shed a tear he still try so hard to be as strong as he always be. but indeed he grow old. my heart aching.

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