Tuesday, May 24, 2011

. am going home .

am going back to my second home! yeah, going back to singapore to start a new adventure again. :) hummm hummm but my body isn't in a bad condition, again! :( i am not feeling well. why now!!!! why not last week??? huff only few days before the DAY!!! quick quick hurry get well soon :)

i remember the last time i came back to indo. a guy was in like with me. funny, i came back here and going back there with a mind that i have to get over him :) it's ok. i tell my self. not to worry. the best is yet to come. love is not a real big deal. work is the big thing for me now :) finishing the short video for my two lovely friends and focusing on my work.

blog, here are few of my funny pictures that i took. ahha. remember, my friend natalia... she did the hair do and the make up. she is a make up artist. wooogh! i have 2 lovely make up artist friends ;D and hmm indeed i didn't look that bad ;p

. loving my polish nails .

. leia-look .

i really love the curly frizzly hair do and the leia-look and of course loving the eyes! pardon me, for being narcissism


Kristin H said...

Have a good trip:)

Shenya de Silva said...

cool! :D get well soon dear :-)

. happisis . said...

thankie!! =D