Friday, April 29, 2011

. watched .

hmmm i just finished watching the count of monte cristo 2002 movie. i don't know if i should pleased or if i should feel disappointed by it. but i dare to say, the book is much more triple better than the movie. i am not good in giving a review and i am not in a position in giving one. the movie is quite entertaining. but it ruin my image of the count of monte cristo. we can tolerate it for that is only the movie, so they need to cut out some part and replace it and lots of things are really different from the book. still i adore and love my count from the original dumas. i find it a lil bit chessy. ;p for i am not really seeking for romance in this movie. but it is quite entertaining. next stop, the three musketeer :) the book is sitting on my desk right now and i shall read it soon.

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