Sunday, April 17, 2011

this life really driving me insane! for one full week. i did nothing. nothing!! slacking around, unhealthy food, unhealthy lifestyle. i supposed to do lots of stuff. prepare for the new job. doing a wedding video for my dear friends. i did nothing.i am so angry with myself. i messed up. i hate this kind of days. i hate the fact that i should go on with this tough days. i need someone. i said i don't but i need. i pretend to be tough. i pretend to be strong. i said i hate romance. i don't believe in fairy tales. but i still want to. i am afraid to kill that in me. i am in a major heart breaking. i miss all the quarrel, the tickling, the comfort. i miss all the craps and uncraps. i am afraid to losing them. but i need to try, don't i? i need to face this. i need to be brave and tell myself. this is going to be better and is going to be alright. why being in love is so hard? what is wrong with loving someone? what is wrong with wanting someone to be with you? what is wrong with everything? i hate my days.

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