Saturday, April 16, 2011

. slap me once slap me twice .

hey hey hey! i need to give my self a slap! noh noh twice! well... decision made! what is end is end what is done is done, what is over is over. humph. sad! *tear drops *flood. why can't we just be happy together with someone we love? i mean the job is the problem. you got the job. problem solve. not compatible? even macintosh trying to developing their system so it will compatible with other software. oh or the softwares trying to be compatible to the mackie? sigh love is really contagious just like what the kids in little manhattan movie says. i got cooties!!!! lols! noh it is not funny and i am not trying to be one. am bad at jokes as well. love... i won't have time for that, will i? pour me with lots of works! make me smarter and wiser. i don't know what i am talking about. -.-" pardon me, oh world! i am drunk. lols! seems like it.

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