Wednesday, April 13, 2011

. slack day! .

pardon me, world. i've been slacking around at home with sarpino's pizza, mc dreamy, and my latest uber cute seo do yong oppa. lols! there was a time i stop watching korean drama, taiwanese drama, japanese drama. even their songs i didn't even listen to them anymore. but one day i was at home and feel so bored i just switched channel end up to kbs channel with korean drama thorn bird. i always tease my guy friend that he is an ahjuma ahhaha. but for some reason i just find this thorn bird quite interesting to watch. and i fall for seo do yong oppa! i like him more than the lead guy. before, he wasn't this cute! he used to be so thin, not so tall. but voila! now he became this tall buffed charming guy with the charming smile *melted. in other hand mc dreamy's smile is so dreamy!

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