Wednesday, April 20, 2011

. secretly secret .

okay, so i promise myself! i will try my best to be okay and not to think about those stuff anymore. but there is a thing.

the last thing that you want to do when you have a relationship is making it a secret. noh noh. it won't work. it won't work well. i mean if you are not a secret girlfriend or ok you are not a dirty mistress why should you? so, note to myself. if i have a relationship again (well if i am lucky enough to have one, which is not now or not anytime soon) i will demand not to making it a secret whatever it is. you need to hang out together with your friends, like all together. not only limit it just for two of you. i didn't mean to make it expose to the world that is also a no no... but just please don't make it a secret. think about your girlfriend or your boyfriend. that way, you won't feel so stress about this and that. you won't feel insecure and you won't feel burden. bleah~ i need to move on! lot more better thing to do than to think about the fall relationship. funny that i still not getting over him yet. still love him with all my heart but i'll try to put that aside while making progress to my own life.

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