Monday, April 11, 2011

. romance is boring .

lols! i can't believe it i said that on the title. romance is boring. indeed it is! ha! i always be a fans of chick flick and romance. i never a fan of horror, thriller, action movies. hell no! i have no guts to watch those movies. but guess what hmmm i love silent hill. haha it surprised me and made my heart da bump for a while at the starting of the movie. but oh... it is nice! i love the devils. haha they are beautiful. my friends were kinda shocked that i actually not covered my eyes and i am okay to watch that. i am kinda proud of myself!! i am not scared at all!

then, we continue with enough. a movie with j.lo inside. ugh! i love this movie. you guys should watch it. haha the first j.lo movie without romance inside that i've ever watched. ;p she makes me want to learn kick boxing. lols! kick boxing is cool!

i can't wait for next adrenaline rush movie! i am planning to watch limitless and plan to watch it alone. i hope that is a good movie.

this time around, lots of things happening and i am glad for that coz it open my eyes. i can see there are lots of jerky out there. but hey! i got to thank you guys! coz you make me strive to be better and braver! i am tired of people keep on saying i am such a kiddo, such a princess and a spoiled brat. i'll show them that i am not a weakling. bleee! SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWKITY SQUAWK SQUAWK!!!! =p (if you watch rio you'll know what is that lols!)

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