Wednesday, April 20, 2011

. resolution .

so, okay. one month has passed and i am still alive and kicking. ugh luckily still stay in shape *wink lols! i absolutely can go thru this. for i have promise that i shall be a fine lady. not for you, not for anyone but for myself. be independent woman. be a hard working lady AGAIN! and be someone that guy would fall for *aww can it be hmmm well that guy? lols! (ok just ignore my silliness. i didn't really mean that. for now i shall focus on my career and making lots and lots of money with saving them instead of buying useless stuff.) i'll eat healthy and i'll have a healthy lifestyle. i want to have a short animation made with the chosen one as well. as what we had planned before. until that time... someone is coming and seek for my existence. i'll be steady, lift up my head not too high coz that will seems too arrogant. but be steady and firm :) i haven't make any resolution this year. well this is it. be a better happisis! :) upgraded version.

i'll be okay. everything is going to be okay. i can't predicted what will happened next or in the future but what i can hope, wish and pray for is for the best. like now i love tilly very much but may be button will take his place, well.. who knows? :)

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