Sunday, April 24, 2011

. one happy night .

isn't she cuttest! ;D

just for steffi ;)

yesterday not my day at least not until evening when again i met up with steffi. my beloved friend! it's been so long since i last really talk to her in person. she went back to indo after study. i miss her miss marsha and fanny so badly! so, steffi is here just for couple days with her family. she dragged me to attend a jang keun suk event. yeah! i tot she meant she wanted me to accompany her to his movie. i was so clueless who is that jang person. i am not a korean drama fans. i never really been actor or actresses or singer fans either. i prefer stage performance like a play than a concert. yesterday was my first. well, it's not too bad. no offence but it was not really my thing. kinda cheesy for me. :p but as long as steffi feels happy. aside from that, i really had a great time with steffi. we talk alot, share alot ugh! i just realized how much i miss her. we went for a late night dinner. yeah, dinner! i was so hungry since i only took my breakfast. we went to eat seafood!!! hahaha just a simple meal. reminds me of those nights and days which marsha, stef, fan and me used to had. for a night i didn't feel lonely. :)

still remember? there is a lion king show here in singapore. me and d were planning to go. well, more like i dragged him. since he is an artsy person as well. it is nice when you watch a performance with someone who appreciates those play or with someone you really close to. bleah! but well well we are not together anymore (sad) and seems like not lots of my friend fond of play. last last year i am not going to the rodger and hammerstein cinderella coz noone want to join me. same as phantom and the others. as well as this time. well, one of my friend wanted to watch tho. but he said lion king extended until august and the girl that he like is coming here somewhere june or july. so, they are going to watch. i don't feel like disturbing that moment ;p i am happy when i saw others happy too. because i am not that happy and i am lonely and failed in love. that doesn't means others has to :). well well... i fixed my mind! i am going to lion king alone! but i am not sure should i go next month coz i can't wait any longer or should i go on july? on my birthday. since i don't really want to celebrate my this year birthday with bunch of people. hahaha drama! but yeah. i just want to be alone as well.

thanks to blogspot, a place where i escape from the world. place where instead of me sharing story to d as what i used to be, i can write it here. blogspot is my close friend now :)

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