Thursday, April 7, 2011

. inspiration .

what if your best intentions keep making a mess of things? yeah, i get this from glee. when rachel wrote a song out of her feeling to finn. gee! really recently i should said, glee and dumas really inspire me. i've been thru something that really hurts me. first i think that wasn't right and then i think that was unfair. i wasn't the one who made mistakes and why should i feel guilty about all of this? and hey, i have tried so hard. but why this world just not on my side? i keep on complaining complaining and blaming and begging. lols! if i look back to my last month me! i would have throw up! it is not me at all. but hey, i am sure everyone is going thru this stage. i feel grateful for it. now, i made few changes on me and have made few decisions. i am happy to live with them at least up until now. :) i just finish watching glee "the originals" i love the last two songs "get it right" by rachel and "loser like me" by new direction. really, i should have said this. those two songs really hit me hard right on my forehead. lols i don't know what that means hahaha. but i feel those two songs are well illustrate. they really are happening in peoples life including mine. i must said, glee have given inspiration for youngster and the people who are young at heart ;p.

i love this quote from the "get it right" song. it really shows what i feel right now. i have been insanely unbelievable those weeks. felt the break down and all. but somehow i want to be stronger and wiser. i am Daddy's daughter so i should make Him proud. i did this for Him for He gave me this life and chance :)

can i start again with my faith shaken?
cause i can't go back and undo this
i just have to stay and face my mistakes
but if i get stronger and wiser
i'll get through this :)

so i throw up my fist
throw a punch in the air
and accept the truth that sometimes life isn't fair
i'll send out a wish
i'll send up a prayer

and this song is for those people who made me feel down! o.O" during my school time or after that. whatever you guys speak i don't care for i am proud of myself.

you may think that i'm a zero
but everyone you wanna be
probably started off like me
you may say that i'm a freakshow, i don't care
give me just a little time
i bet you're gonna change your mind

just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth so everyone can hear
hit me with the words you got and knock me down
i don't care
keep it up, i'm turning up to fade you out
you wanna be
a loser like me

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