Tuesday, April 19, 2011

. heighho .

yay! i have no lappie with me may be up until wednesday. my friend is kind enough to install some important softwares for my new job. yeah! lots of stuff to learn. time to self learning! yay! u feel that? i felt that. i smell exciting i smell challenge! i smell lots of work loads. i am going to really try my best and not to disappoint anybody. :) i might kinda new to the software but i'll prove it to myself that i can do it. humph i got to work on character designs now -.-" my friends happiness depends on me. you know, i feel well... under pressure when someone or something depends on me. but dont u think that makes you feel something and so special? you feel like you are someone that can be trusted! ugh! i totally love that feeling. it wont be all nice nice and happy and easy but when u please those people. hmm you'll feel all worth it. :) but remember! do it with all your heart!

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