Friday, April 1, 2011

. far away .

once there was a fine man who came after a young lost girl. he took away his pride and did whatever he could to win the lady heart. he made it and the young girl feel grateful of what God have presented her, a fine, seems brave and tough man. she was touched by his honesty and sincerity. she was touched by how he seems so brave and tough but he was just put on the crystal clear mask. her heart was caught by the imperfection of this gentleman for the imperfection make it seems this is not a dream. the young girl learnt he was nothing in a good shape but she didn't care but fall for him. they chose to be together in a silence nobody knows. she was happy even nobody knows. that made it special. but she felt insecure once and twice and did unpleasant thing that hurt the gentleman feeling. the insecurity soon be gone. they went through ups and down. she did mistakes and he forgave her. he did mistakes and she forgave him. they were in love. when he came back from his trip he brought unpleasant news that bring them to separation. she should accept for she must respect the elderly. for once the girl feel the greatest love but couldn't show it out.

now she lost him for he have to fullfil his task. she was lost once again and she miss him in every single beat of her heart. but she held a promises to be a real fine lady. although she has plenty of acquaintance, she couldn't deny but she lost the love of her life. she seems happy and cheerful as always but her heart is torn apart. she pray for the gentleman never to forget her. never forget the moment that they have been through. the happy moment that they shared. for she loves him with all her heart. couldn't wait but to share the moment with him share the good and bad news with him. carry the burdens together for it would be lighter. she has found her best friend only him could be the right companion.

whenever she feel unhappy, she would remember that he is doing alright so she should feel happy too. she pray this is not the end because she has a greatest Daddy of all.

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