Saturday, April 16, 2011

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i used to be someone who always get teased by classmates, lecturers, friends, everyone because the fact that i still do believe in magic, santa claus and fairy tales. white horse prince (well i prefer black horse tho) with happily ever after. there is the time when peter realized he should leave neverland and shouldn't go back. it is a pain to finally grow up. i really was do believe in happily ever after but after what i've gone thru. i think they just exist in disney bedtime story that i own.

see that picture above, my dad gave me the castle to replace the snow globe that both my mom and dad suppose to brought me when they went to disneyland. that suppose to be sleeping beauty castle. i cherish them. my mom and dad always know i still believe in this sort of stuff and see the prince charming with cinderella infront of the castle, they are from the 1 dollar machine game that i played long time ago. i was so happy that i really treasure them and didn't want to expose it to people. coz i believe it will break the magic spell. i get both of them from my first and second game. i feel happy. i used to think that was the sign of i will find my prince charming and live happily ever after. lols! so, they were sort of my lucky charm. haha! but guess what... the spells didn't work. the magic didn't work at all. i can't believe it. the day has came that i stop believe in fairy tales.

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Allex said...

There is...the fairy maiden still there!tat is ur parent!they wil alway with u!everything wil be ok..u can!