Friday, March 18, 2011

. wish the earth the best .

i am no expert but i care about this earth. ever since our raffles design major project, sustainability design. i am starting to be aware about global warming. every research that i did every clicked and scrolled frighten me. i start to say no to plastic bag, unless if i have no choice. lots of people still unaware about lots of scary things going to happen to this earth. i feel sad. even my own family they aren't aware about what's happening right now. try to explain tho... but still human love to be in their comfort zone. sigh!

somehow i feel happy when i watched extreme on tlc yesterday, knowing that there are actually quite lot of places starting to improve eco-energy. i feel amazed by what sequential biofuel did. i hope and i wish my own country indonesia, they'll do something about it. since we are rich of natural resources.

*still praying hard for japan.

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