Saturday, March 26, 2011

. sorry .

somehow, i just realized that i am really a spoilt brat. an ill mannered little princess that wanted things to go on her way. i am sorry. if anyone feel that too about me. i have no idea.. until i read my chat box and the past mail (yeah i am too relax to have did something like this) nah, i just try to seek a clue or two. just want to know what happened back then that the realtionship wasn't going well. i owed an apology to someone that once important to me and still is. i realized all the thing that i have done and all the bad attitute that i performed. they weren't nice.... people said, thing happen for a reason. i think i got what it means. if this thing aren't happened. i won't grow up. i miss my close and best friend. i wish to see him again in quite a time. i am happy to know he is doing okay right now. i really miss him. i think it is really the time for me to put my self back in one piece.

be ye not fooled. whatever a man sows, that also shall he reap... >> he told me this when i feel down. you are my best friend ever :) love you.

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