Saturday, March 5, 2011

. mussel oh mussel .

i am happy and i am sad :(. i went for morning jog (i almost forget that i suppose to run with them and silly me when my alarm rang, i turned it off and wonder why it rang!) with christopher and winson... yeah! am so happy coz i haven't seen them for like a hundred year! we had chicken rice breakfast and followed by xbox at my place! how fun!!!! we laugh, we dance, we battle, we tired, we shout lols. really fun! and... in the afternoon, i went to meet up with sokkuan. yeah, my fave illustrator =D she gave me lots of advice again and we had a good time. eventho i feel bad that she need to rush back. yeah today is so much fun! not until i feel weak, i feel like going to faint and my tummy going berserk. i assumed that is caused by the seafood pasta that i ate yesterday. the mussel aren't fresh. i promise not to go back to that place anymore! you see... i am not a tiny size girl. i have a big body! looks healthy! always! but the thing is i am confuse why i always feel weak. hah! sick is sad.

i am so excited finally am going to meet up with rina kuma sensei.. she used to be my japanese sensei. she is adorable, funny and pretty! i miss her, really! i must meet up with her before she take off to australia :( and tomorrow is the only chance. i wish i am in the good and healthy condition tomorrow! Daddy please be good to me like You always be :)

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