Monday, March 7, 2011

. monster inside me .

i managed to met up with sensei eventho i am unwell. sunday is a fun day. just found out she is getting married soon that is why she is moving to australia. i shall visit her one day! how lovely she is to tell me that "please do not forget i am a big fan of your design" huaaaa it made my day evntho i feel sick! i wish i could have dinner with her. but i feel weaker and weaker so i need to go back home and seeing a doctor. i had a fever and my tummy is painful. i don't like this. blame it to the mussel o.O" but the good thing is, i got a whole day to read the thick book that i've been reading. screw you, pain!

ssst... i spotted the colorful casio watch. so cute and i am so going to get it! they are cheap and uh came in lots of colors. couldn't decide which one should i get.

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