Wednesday, March 23, 2011

. kill the stress and weak devil .

the sunday sermon still humming inside my mind. little that i know today is wednesday. for button out there, if you read my blog... well, i don't think you are reading it for you are so busy with works. don't give up! this life is tough (look who is talking, you kidding me!). it might take a while may be more than a while we never know, but remember Daddy always has a good plan behind all of this. i learnt my lesson haha!

what i experience now and then are/were no compare with paul's thorn in the flesh. but i won't ask for that for it is too much for me. i couldn't handle it (am not that strong eventho i am big!):p. this reminds me of edmond dantes haha he suffer alot for he didn't do anything wrong. but he go through all of the bad and bad. such a gentleman. i don't know what i am talking about, just trying to write something that sounds encouraging. haha! i am a bad writer 0.O" . anyway i slowly understand part of what you told me. slowly, i'll grow up and be better. :) miss you!

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