Tuesday, March 22, 2011

. it happens .

so, i still on reading the count of monte cristo and i am loving it. really! everytime i turned the page it gets more exciting. i am happy i bought the book and he introduced it to me. i love classics. i wonder what should i read after this. i'd like to read something thick again. something so exciting like the count of monte cristo.

everything that we like or love won't comes perfectly to us. humph.. i love to read the book on my way home on the bus. but recently, i feel sick whenever i try to read on the bus :(. force to read it tho but i really feel uneasy. -.-" i am forced to read on my ibook thru iphone while i was walking to the office or to lunch or to the bus stop. i wish the uneasiness quickly go away. for i feel so bored on the bus and i love to know what happened next. :)

*i wish you best, mu.

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