Thursday, February 3, 2011

. wooot .

hey, for you guys who celebrating chinese new year, happi bunny chinese new year! yay! this is bunny year! haha it's my year =p coz i was born in this year. i wish you guys bunch of luck, coz bunny is very kind.

its new year, but i didn't feel extremely happy. see.. my mom, dad and little sister aren't here. i miss them. so much! i went for the reunion dinner with only my other sister. i envy other people who were enjoying their meals with their families. you guys are just so lucky. but i wasn't that bad.. at least i have my younger sister there. even my yougst cubby sister wasn't there.

have a nice day guys!


Cindy Tantarica said...

cheer up cce! :D anw, im in singgg alrddd. lets meet up when novia is here too! :D :D

.happisis. said...

thanks, cin =D yeah! let's meet up when she is here! happy wabbit new year =)