Saturday, February 19, 2011

. please support the artist thank you .

wohoooo!!! i am suppose to be super doooper troooooper happi today! but bacause of some other stuff humph. that was sucks!

but hey guys =D my friend julia who is a make up artist, she joined a freshkon competition and i am lucky to be her model =D SHE MADE IT TO FINAL 8! I AM SO VERY PROUD OF HER! THANKS DADDY J!! :) so.... to support the artist, please i need your support and "like" for the picture if you love it. we will really appreciate it... Here is the picture and below is the link to the picture =)

So, you got to click this link, and clik "like" if you love it but before that, you guys have to like the freshkon page first =D bunch of thanks and love *wink


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