Thursday, February 17, 2011

. padawan out there .

.waha~ i am just doing COPY and PASTE! of the email that i've received from a nice lady from our 3dsense Media School. dear animator out there! come quick and apply! i wish i can but i don't have new porto to show :( it would be great if you got in =D .

huaaaaa see you next program my JAR JAR BINKS *i have no idea why less people love JAR JAR BINKS uh he is such a cute guy!

Jedi Masters Apprenticeship Program (24 weeks) - Animation Track

The Jedi Masters Program is the most extensive training program ever offered by Lucasfilm. Its goal is to identify talented young artists and train them under the mentorship of instructors from Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation and LucasArts.

Over the course of the 24 week training program, apprentices will gain valuable experience through a series of intensive classes followed by full immersion in a production environment. The Jedi Masters Program closes the gap between instruction offered by traditional digital media schools and the rigorous requirements of the video game, visual effects and animation industries.

Trainees who complete the program and demonstrate an appropriate skill level will be eligible for positions at Lucasfilm Singapore.

Study, learn and be
paid as an apprentice in the Jedi Masters Program.

Jedi Masters Apprenticeship Program - Animation Track

The Animation Apprentice for the Jedi Masters Program works with the Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Training team to further their abilities as CG animation artists with the intention of working on production shots once training is completed. This Animation Apprenticeship focuses on bringing 3D Characters to life. Animation apprentices are responsible for movement, facial expression and lip-synch of characters.

Basic Skills:
* Create convincing animated performances for a variety of human and non-human characters.
* Work with competency, energy and enthusiasm within a team environment.
* Demonstrate good listening and communication skills by openly receiving direction and criticism.
* Ability to ask good questions to confirm clear understanding of the direction and the approach to the work.
* Demonstrate basic presentation/communication skills in dailies/shot review by clearly and briefly outlining what has been accomplished.
* Demonstrate the development of an artistic eye.
* Demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks and manage time well.

Education and Experience:
* Portfolio and/or reel demonstrating character animation proficiency is required.
* Familiar with CG fundamentals and terminology.
* Work experience in CG or fine arts is preferred.
* Experience using Maya software preferred.

If you think you've got what it takes to be an apprentice, then send us the following:
* A letter explaining your motivations for joining the Jedi Masters Program
* Your resume (personal background, academic and career history) and indicate the discipline you would like to apply for.
* Submit a LINK to your ONLINE or DOWNLOADABLE portfolio and/or demo reel (a selection of your best work).
* Do not send original materials; sent materials will not be returned to candidates.
* Basic English language skills required (spoken and written)
* Please name and label all your resumes and portfolio properly.

Selection Process:
The Jedi Council (a.k.a a panel of senior artists and instructors from Lucasfilm in the US and Singapore) will review every resume and portfolio received from candidates. You may be required to complete a test as well.
Final candidates will be selected by Lucasfilm Singapore at its sole discretion.

Once accepted, you will be asked to sign an Apprentice Agreement as well as a Non-Disclosure form since you will be privy to confidential materials.
The Apprentice Agreement states that upon successful completion of the program, graduates are required to work in Singapore for 18 months.

While actual padawans are asked to build their own lightsabers to complete their training, you will get the chance to work on actual projects. Your mentors will regularly evaluate your performance based on demonstrated talent, artistic skills, technical competence, teamwork, effective communication, problem solving abilities, as well as passion.
The first three months is a probationary period where the Apprentices and mentors will evaluate whether this is the right match and if they should continue.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have a graduation and receive a certification.
Hiring decisions for full-time positions in the studio will be based on the overall performance/skills of each Apprentice, as well as the number of open positions in the studio.
Successful completion of the training does not guarantee a full time position within the studio and the Apprentices not hired will have to find work elsewhere in Singapore.

The Animation Track will start on
May 2nd, 2011.

Application deadline: 31 March 2011

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