Wednesday, February 16, 2011

. hoaaaaa .

. the blake.

isn't it amazing if someone named you after a beautiful creation? well, i mean our parents did that when we were born in this beautiful place. but i meant after that... like what just happened to blake lively. uh! she is such alucky and pretty lady. i never had actors and actresses that i really really adore before. not until miss serena came out. she is the first actress that i adore. love her style! hoa... so, i was checking my mail and i browse thru and i saw christian louboutin names a shoes after her! isn't that uh-maging? i envy you miss lively :p i don't even ever touch that legendary red sole shoes before and now a shoes after your name. clap clap =) oh yeah! and blake for carrie bradshaw? can't wait!

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