Tuesday, February 15, 2011

. dream a dream dreams .

yahoooo~ how are you guys doing? how is your valentine day? i bet the city area was flooded by couples with flowers. i found this lovely story from my suitcase heart uh i love her blog. always fill with lovely and beautiful stories. well, i wish your valentine day was lovely :) for me i had a lovely dinner the food was good except the potato gratin was disappointment but i had a good time. thanks!

hmm this morning i have a huge urge for wanting to be a kindergarten teacher. i always want to be one. i love kids and i enjoy the time being with kids... story telling, be dirty with paint all over the clothes, chasing and playing with them. ugh, they are adorable, rebellious in a good way, they are smart and full of imagination. i was heading to the office today by bus and i saw these 2 adorable kids on the bus. hoaaa... they are so cute! so active and smart. hmmm if only i have my pr approved by the government. i am free to be what i wanted to be! =D gee... i have lots of dream how am i going to fulfill all of them? lols! but what i need now is change job! change to design job and slowly catching up to the rest of my dreams =)

linus : I never realized it before, but a school teacher is a very delicate instrument!

have a good day!


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