Tuesday, February 8, 2011

. fairy god father .

cinderella is my all time favorite fairy tale story and i am sure every girl dreams to be like cinderella. for me, found someone who care and love me as who i am. giving me laugh, smile, tears, getting married in a beautiful white gown with salvatore ferragamo bow tie pump is my version of cinderella story. i hope this is not a jinx to say what i wish for my future marriage (i am actually smiling and blush a little right now) nah, i am not crazy for marriage. one should never rush a marriage.

i write this because for some reason i just feel very happy that i found out, ferragamo is the lovely ever after cinderella's shoe maker. when i first saw that bow tie pump, i tell myself that is going to be "the one". and no, i didn't buy the pump yet. i am going to wait for the day eventho still long way to go. but i'll wait until the special day come. aww! how it is so wonderful and perfect =) for me ferragamo is a fairy godfather with his magic he'll make every girl their own cinderella story.


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