Friday, December 3, 2010

.what's this.

i happened to turn on my old g4 again and deleting some unused files. when i was deleting some songs from itunes, i accidentally clicked an old love song. the song that might be forgotten by most of the people nowadays. well, i still love old songs better. lols friends and sisters called me old fashion. while i was listening to those songs, i have this weird feeling ;p hahaha get all drama and mixed emotion. i kinda have a special someone right now but somehow, i feel lonely. i didn't say i am not happy, in fact i feel grateful but there is something missing. so, instead of being happy and all romantic while i was listening to the songs, i feel unhappi happi. christmas is coming!! my every year wish is to spend it with a special someone hehehe. exchanging christmas gift underneath the huge christmas tree with the beautiful sparkling lights. turns out... i am not as excited as last year.

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